Running For Midnight

1850. Michigan.

Two teen boys–one white, one black–must face their fears and bigotry if they want to survive the

Underground Railroad.


Running for Midnight

The snow landscape of Gordon Hall

The snowy landscape of Gordon Hall, Dexter Michigan-the setting for the novel.

A Top Ten Finalist

in the

2015 Ink & Insights

Master Novels Writing Contest


When sixteen-year-old Tice flees from his Kentucky owner, it only takes one deadly night for the hot-tempered runaway to learn he must put his faith in strangers, even whites, if he wants to reach safety in Canada. But one bad call could mean Tice’s life, or worse–sale to the Deep South.

Seventeen-year-old Emmet, a bigoted Irish immigrant, has no reason to cross paths with Tice–until a slave reward poster tempts him. The money will save Emmet’s mother from the Irish workhouse, so he secretly exposes Tice’s hideaway. But then a tragic accident crushes Emmet’s leg, and in a twist of events, he finds Tice is his only chance at survival. Discovering common ground in their past hardships, the two teens form an unlikely friendship. But will Emmet confess his betrayal, or will he hand over his new friend to the slave hunters?

Running for Midnight is a coming-of-age story that’s highly relatable to teens who must find their place in today’s world where race and class are still powerful forces.