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Germany In Focus, Gerrit Book, Steven Goldberg, Kim O’Neil

In 2010, I had the extraordinary opportunity to travel to Germany as a Teacher Fellow with the Transatlantic Outreach Program (TOP) and the Goethe Institut. TOP brought me, and other Social Studies teachers, on an intensive two-week study of modern Germany. We lived the culture, the history, the government, the people for fourteen consecutive days.

Upon completion of my fellowship, I was honored to contribute curriculum to TOP’s Germany In Focus: Instructional Strategies for Secondary Educators.

Many teachers spend a lot of time focusing their courses on the negative aspects of Germany’s past, namely WWI and WWII. Yet, the United States has a rich history of German emigrants whose culture and traditions have helped to create our country. We should celebrate that heritage!

Using the Germany In Focus curriculum will help educators show their students a diverse and rich German society. Lessons are organized around seven focus topics: Geography, Culture, History (my contributions can be found in this focus topic), Reunification, Political System, Economy and Sustainability. All are based on NCSS and Common Core Standards.

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